Backhoe loader Construction equipment

Backhoe loaders are perhaps the most versatile machines in the field. This special vehicle has a liftable bucket at the front, while a digging arm is mounted at the rear. This allows the machine to perform multiple tasks. The best-known manufacturers of backhoe loaders are JCB, CAT and Case. BAS World always has a large variety of both new and used backhoe loaders in stock.

Brands and options

In addition to CAT and JCB, New Holland, Volvo and Terex also manufacture backhoe loaders. Other nicknames are loader backhoe and digger. These construction machines can be equipped with multiple tools that can make the work of the driver easier or increase the machine’s range. A telescopic stick, for example, allows the excavator to reach further at its rear. A hammer feature can also come in handy during demolition work. Backhoe loaders can also be fitted with air conditioning.

What is a backhoe loader suitable for?

Backhoe loaders are often used for construction projects in suburban areas and other places large machines can’t reach. Due to its rotating wheels, the machine also has a relatively small turning radius. Many backhoe loaders are also equipped with a tillable boom so that it stays within the reach of the vehicle. Backhoe loaders are also widely used in agriculture and by contracting companies due to their multifunctional nature.


Basically, a backhoe loader can be used for loading or handling activities. There are many attachments available to increase its reach. These attachments vary from manure forks to stone clamps. Thanks to these attachments, a single machine can be used for a wide range of activities. BAS World always has a large variety of attachments in stock.

How much does a (used) backhoe loader cost?

The price of a backhoe loader is largely based on the age of the machine. The power and type of machine are also important factors. BAS World has a large range of backhoe loaders of various types and age. You can purchase a used backhoe loader at BAS starting at €25,000. The price of a new unit starts at around €50,000.

Leasing a used or new backhoe loader

It is possible to lease a new or used backhoe loader at BAS World. The lease period can vary from 24 to 60 months. Servicing can also be included. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.