Safe Deal

The most successful trades are built on trust

If you let us sell your vehicle, you want to be sure your vehicle listing is seen by millions of potential buyers all over the world. You want about your online advertisement that it's accurate and up-to-date, so let us take care of the online sale from A to Z. You want to get paid instantly after the sale. And you want fast delivery worldwide.

BAS World's Safe Deal gives you all that and more, including top-notch customer assistance. Simply sign up and choose Safe Deal: the safest and most secure way to set a commercial vehicle online, anywhere in the world.

Checked Specifications

BAS World's vehicle experts verify all listings before they can be added to the marketplace. Every listing on BAS World is complete and accurate, and updated daily by our vehicle experts.

When the vehicle condition and specifications are reliable and up-to-date, buyers have all the information they need to make the right decisions. And when buyers are confident, you get the best price for your vehicles and the selling time will reduce.

With Safe Deal you're guaranteed a fast and secure way to sell your vehicle online: get instant access to a vast and growing network of international buyers, be assured of payment, and benefit from quick delivery anywhere in the world.

Trusted network

BAS World's Trusted Sellers are screened and verified before their listings are included in the marketplace. Trusted Sellers demonstrate accuracy in reporting financial stability, and high service standards.

Trusted network

Trusted Transaction

Safe Deal stands for guaranteed payment. As soon as your vehicle is sold. We take care of all the transactions and funding hassles, and you get you instantly. Here's how it works:

  • Buyer transfers money into a BAS World escrow account
  • Funds are protected in escrow until buyer authorises release
Trusted transactions

Trusted Delivery

Where most marketplaces offer vehicle pick-up only, BAS World takes care of shipping as well. Our delivery specialists ensure fast and smooth delivery to buyers anywhere in the world.

Trusted delivery
Sell your vehicle with ease via BAS World. It's the safest and most secure way possible.