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New and used Tipper Truck for sale

A tipper, tipper truck or dump truck is often used to transport large loads, such as sand, and to unload them easily. There are many new and second-hand tippers for sale in BAS World's stock, always one that can help you with your construction work. The dump trucks in our stock are of the largest brands. To name a few; Volvo, Mercedes, MAN and more. These tippers are available in different models, configurations, and with different add-ons. For example, the most common configurations are; 6x8, 8x4, 8x6 and for heavy duty work 8x8. More driven axles result in better grip on loose surfaces.

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Information about Tipper Truck

The BAS World tipper collection is large and varied. The tippers are available in all types, sizes, and weights. Our team of experts inspects every tipper truck before it is listed for sale on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about the tippers in our stock? Then continue reading.

Types of tipper trucks

Every situation calls for a different tipper. There are many possibilities, especially in construction traffic. Think of tippers for asphalt, sand, mining, (old) iron, rocks, and more building materials. All bulk goods can be transported with a tipper truck. Tipper trucks that we have in stock are of the following brands:


Tipping in three ways

With certain tipper trucks it is possible not to tip in one direction, but in all three directions. These tippers are called 3-sided tippers. Where single-sided tippers only tip backwards or to the side, a three-sided tipper can go in all directions. Shaking boards that you can secure and open hold the building materials in place.

Tipper truck

Axle-configurations on tippers

The most common axle configurations for tippers are: 4x4, 6x4, 8x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x6, 10x8 and 10x4. These high configurations provide more traction on sand and dirt roads. As a result, the tipper trucks with heavy loads do not just slide away. A hub reduction is available when used in more severe conditions. It ensures that little drive force is lost on the axles, so it gives you more grip and extends the life of these axles.

Add-ons for a tipper

There are several add-ons on a tipper truck that can make your job a lot easier. In addition to the many configurations, you can also opt for a tipper with a crane. This is convenient for loading or moving certain building materials in your tipper. In addition to a loading crane, shut-off valves and a tarpaulin are popular add-ons. This is mainly intended so that loose goods such as sand remain in place during transport.

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