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New and used Container Truck for sale

You use a truck with a container system or container truck for waste processing, in construction and for other (heavy) loading and unloading jobs. A container truck can independently load, unload, and tip the containers by using the superstructure. BAS World has a huge range of new and used container trucks for sale. The container system is often by the brands; AJK, HIAB, Meiller, Palfinger and VDL. The container transporters are available in different models, configurations and with different add-ons. Consider, for example, a portal arm system, cable system, hook lift system or chain system. At basworld.com you will find the right container truck for every situation.
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Information about Container Trucks

Our stock of container trucks represents popular and reliable brands such as DAF, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Iveco and more. Our team of consultants inspects every container truck before it can be purchased on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our container trucks and the possible container systems? Then continue reading below.

Different container systems

There are various deposit and container systems that get containers on and off the truck. Each with the same goal but all in a different way. It is important to choose a container system that fits your truck. Not all trucks support the same system. For more information about the different container systems, please read below.

Container truck


Skip loaders are a stable way of loading containers or other waste bins on and off a truck. The containers are set up and taken down with a hydraulic system in which lifting chains are attached to the two long sides of the container. This type of truck is also called a skip loader truck.


A hookloader is a system in which a hook lift is extended to place the container on a truck. The hook can grip a container, making it easy to move the container. Trucks with this system are also called a hook lift truck.

Chain systems

A chain system truck simply uses a chain to move containers on and off a truck. The chain system can be operated by the driver to easily grab the container. The system then pulls/drags the container into place.

Cable systems

A truck with a cable system is lighter than other systems. As a result, these trucks have a higher load capacity. A cable system is a variant of the chain system. Only with this system is the container pulled into place by a cable.

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