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New and used Box trucks (>3.5t) for Sale

Do you want to buy a new or second-hand box truck? In the stock of BAS World, you will find a varied range for every work situation. A box truck is mainly used for the distribution and transport of goods and/or packages in city centres. It is therefore important that closed box trucks are manoeuvrable and meet certain emission standards in cities. The weight of the box truck determines which driver's license you need. You can read more information at the bottom of this page

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Information about Box Trucks

In BAS World’s stock, you will find a varied range of box trucks. Our team of consultants and experts thoroughly inspect each box truck before it is available for purchase on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our closed box trucks and which driving license you need for certain types? Then continue reading.

Box trucks for Sale

Popular box trucks we have in our stock are by the following brands:


The most popular models of these box trucks are the Mercedes Atego, DAF LF, Volvo FL, MAN TGL, Iveco EuroCargo and Scania P.

Box truck with tailgate

A box truck is available with a tail lift or (side) doors. For distribution or delivery, a tail lift is the most popular option. This allows the deliverers to easily load and unload their goods or packages in the box truck. The weight that can be lifted depends on the tailgate, the most common weights are: 1,500 kilos, 2,000 kilos, 2,500 kilos and 3,000 kilos. Some tail lifts are equipped with roll-off protection. For example, containers can't roll off the tailgate. Well-known brands of tail lifts are, for example, DHollandia and Pallfinger.

Box trucks

Box truck driver's license

Box trucks are available in different sizes and weights. This means that you are not allowed to drive just any box truck. You need a different driver's license for heavier box trucks than for the lighter ones. See here an explanation of all the options within this category.

Box truck driver's license C1

Box truck driver's license C1 With a C1 driving license you can drive box trucks with a weight between 3.5t and 7.5t. If these box trucks are driven professionally, you are obliged to apply for code 95. These box trucks are also called medium-duty box trucks.

Box truck driver's license C

For box trucks between 3.5t and 50t in weight you need a driving license C. This does not only apply to a box truck, but to all vehicles with this weight. These box trucks are also called a small truck.

Box truck driver's license B

Box trucks with a weight of less than 3.5 t no longer fall under the truck category. These light box trucks then fall under the category of commercial vehicles. You do not need a special driver's license for these (closed) box vans. The general driving license (B) is then sufficient.

Sell your Box truck

Sell your Box truck from your own location, from the BAS World Store or sell it directly to BAS World.