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New and used Volvo Tractor unit for sale

Volvo takes care of your safety and the environment. They work with the best materials and technology to give you the most exclusive experience on the road. At BAS World you can choose from a huge range of new and used Volvo tractor units for sale. In our stock, we have the most popular models of Volvo like the FH and FH16. Both tractor units are available with different engines and options such as a globetrotter cabin or retarder. As a result the Volvo trucks are usable for a wide range of purposes. Already know what you want? Use the filters on this page.
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BAS World's stock consists of a large collection of tractor units. Including Volvo tractor units. You can choose between different models, types of cabins, configurations and other accessories. Our Volvo trucks are thoroughly checked before they are available for sale at the BAS World platform. Want to know all ins and outs about Volvo trucks and their models? Please continue reading below.

Volvo tractor unit for Sale

BAS World's stock is very diverse. We have different Volvo models available, each with its own purposes. Both new Volvo tractor units and used Volvo tractor units are available at BAS World. The most popular models off Volvo are:


Volvo cabins and configurations

Volvo tractor units are available with different cabins. Popular cabins from Volvo are the Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL. Volvo cabs have a high level of comfort and are perfect for long distances. Furthermore, Volvo tractor units are available in different axle configurations. The most common configuration is the 4x2. If you need more axle load, you can choose the following configurations: 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4. The more wheels there are on the road the less axle pressure per axle.

Volvo Tractor units for sale

Volvo FH

Volvo FH is ideally suited for international transport and can carry heavy loads over long distances. When travelling across borders, your truck is mostly your office. That is also why the Volvo FH has the largest and highest cabs in the entire Volvo series. Volvo made this model with a lot of comfort and safety for the truck driver. Whereas the Volvo FMX is made for construction work, the Volvo FH is just perfect for the road. There are several Volvo FH tractor units, such as: Volvo FH 420, Volvo FH 460, Volvo FH 480, Volvo FH 500 and the Volvo FH 540. Click here to see all Volvo FH at BAS World.


Volvo FH16

Do you need a powerful tractor unit that can carry and transport heavy-duty machinery? Then the Volvo FH16 is the one to go for. This tractor is similar to the FH, but is equipped with more power and a bigger engine. You can use it for both heavy duty and international transport. In fact, the Volvo FH16 has one of the largest engines in the industry. The big FH16 is also built for the road. Which makes driving in small towns can be difficult compared to the FM. There are a variety of Volvo FH16 tractor units, such as: Volvo FH16 600, Volvo FH16 660, Volvo FH16 700 and the Volvo FH16 750. Click here to see all Volvo FH16 at BAS World.

Volvo FM

The Volvo FM is perfect for distribution. This model is close to the ground, meaning you have a low entry level. As such, this is a big advantage when you need to load and unload several times a day. The Volvo FM is not specifically suited to construction work, nor is it the most powerful model. But this truck is certainly perfect for driving in cities and villages. There are several Volvo FM tractor units, such as: Volvo FM 330, Volvo FM 380, Volvo FM 410 and the Volvo FM 460 Click here to see all Volvo FM at BAS World.

Volvo FMX

The Volvo FMX is rightfully a construction truck. Therefore, do not use it for international transport. The truck is high off the ground and made with hard components. Uneven terrain such as rocks, hills and sand is therefore no match. The FMX radiates power and is capable of carrying heavy loads on and off the road. This truck can be equipped with trailers like a tipper or low loader. There are a variety of Volvo FMX tractor units, such as: Volvo FMX 450 and the Volvo FMX 460. Click here to see all Volvo FMX at BAS World.

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