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New and used Renault Tractor unit for sale

France Renault states that their products are ‘more than a truck’. At BAS World we have a variety of new and used Renault tractor units for sale. Renault offers a solution for every situation and each model has its own specialty. The Renault Premium and Renault T are the best-known models and are usable for different types of transport like long distance transport. The Renault T high is also very popular because of the cabin. Other options on the Renault tractor units are configurations, Euronorm and retarders. Use the filters on this page to find your Renault truck. 
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Information about the Renault Tractor unit

BAS World's stock consists of a large collection of tractor units. Including Renault tractor units. You can choose between different models, types of cabins, configurations and other accessories. Our Renault tractor units are thoroughly checked before they are available for sale at the BAS World platform. Want to know all ins and outs about Renault trucks and their models? Please continue reading below.

Renault tractor units for sale

BAS World's stock is very diverse. We have different Renault models available, each with its own purposes. Both new Renault tractor units and used Renault tractor units are available at BAS World.


Popular Renault truck cabs

The Renault tractor units are available with different cabins. The Renault sleeper cab and Renault High sleeper cab are among Renault's most popular cabs. Renault won the prestigious ‘truck of the year’ award in 2015 with the Renault T. With its innovative design on the inside and outside, Renault beat the competition. The T High also performed very good in terms of driving comfort.

Renault Tractor units for sale

Renault T

Looking for a truck that performs very well on long distances and international transport? Renault T tractor units do not disappoint.. With a powerful and trustworthy engine, the Renault T will get you anywhere. For many, the T High is the most favourite version of the tractor unit. The spacious sleeper cab offers the driver extensive comfort. Good visibility is essential for a truck, the large windows in the Renault T make sure you don't miss a thing. There are several Renault T tractor units, such as: Renault T 440, Renault T 460, Renault T 480 and the Renault T 520. Click here to see all Renault T at BAS World.


Renault C

The Renault C model is comfortable on any surface. This truck is offroad as efficient as on the road. So that definitely makes this Renault tractor unit an all-rounder. The Renault C is mostly used as a construction truck. It can handle small rotations with heavy loads and is made of hard components to resist any objects or rocks on the road. There are several Renault C tractor units, such as: Renault C 440 and the Renault C 520. Click here to see all Renault C at BAS World.

Renault Premium

Initially, the Renault Premium tractor unit was developed for heavy-duty transport. Later it was also increasingly used for long-distance and distribution. The Renault Premium model is similar to Renault T. Both are suitable for long distances, but there are some features that make the difference. In short, the Renault Premium truck is usable for a huge range of purposes. Click here to see all Renault Premium at BAS World.

Sell your Renault tractor unit

Sell your Renault tractor unit from your own location, from the BAS World Store or sell it directly to BAS World.