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New and used DAF Tractor unit for sale

The award winning DAF trucks are one of the most innovative tractor units in the world. At BAS World we have a variety of new and used DAF tractor units for sale. DAF offers a solution for every situation and each model has its own specialty. The DAF XF and DAF CF are the best-known models and are usable for cool transport, car transport and heavy goods transport. You can find DAF tractor units with different types of Euronorm, accessories and configurations. Use the filters on this page to find your DAF tractor unit.
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BAS World's stock consists of a large collection of tractor units. Including DAF tractor units. You can choose between different models, types of cabins, configurations and other accessories. Our DAF tractor units are thoroughly checked before they are available for sale at the BAS World platform. Want to know all ins and outs about DAF trucks and their models? Please continue reading below.

DAF tractor unit for sale

BAS World's stock is very diverse. We have different DAF models available, each with its own purposes. Both new DAF tractor units and used DAF tractor units are available at BAS World. The most popular models from Volvo are:

Euro Norms and configurations from DAF

DAF is available in different configurations and with several Euro Norms. The most popular and used tractor units are DAF with Euro 6, they also have the cleanest engine. DAF CF and XF are also available in Euro 6. Most DAF trucks have a 4x2 configuration. For heavier transports, for example, you can choose a DAF 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6 or 8x4 configuration. With more axles, a heavier load can be transported, because the load is distributed over several (driven) axles.

DAF Tractor units for sale


Made for driving long distances, the efficient DAF XF is DAF's most common tractor unit model. The modern exterior and interior make this tractor unit a pleasure to drive on international roads. DAF XF is nearly always equipped with the Space Cab or Super Space Cab. These cabs are mainly designed to give you the best comfort at all times. Both during the ride and when you need to rest. Sleeping comfort in the DAF XF is considered the best on the market. There are several DAF XF tractor units, such as: DAF XF 106, DAF XF 440, DAF XF 460, DAF XF 480, DAF XF 510 and the DAF XF 530. Click here to see all DAF XF's at BAS World.



A DAF CF can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you drive in national or international transport, or cover many kilometres on the highway or rough terrain. If you want to use a DAF CF for specific reason, find the right cab to go with it. Higher cabs are usually designed for construction work on rough terrain and large cabs to increase comfort during international transport. With the DAF CF, you can go either way. There are a variety of DAF CF tractor units, such as: DAF CF 440, DAF CF 450 and the DAF CF 460.  Click here to see all DAF CF's at BAS World.


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