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New and used Tipper Semi trailer for sale

stock on basworld.com consists of a varied selection of new and used tipper semi-trailers. Every tipper trailer for sale here has been thoroughly inspected in advance by our experts, so you are assured of a reliable purchase. A tipper trailer consists of an aluminium or steel box with a hydraulic cylinder that can tip bulk goods such as sand and gravel. These tipper semi-trailers are supported by the PTO of a tractor unit. Here you will find tipper trailers from well-known brands such as: Schmitz, STAS and Carnehl. You can select important options such as a steering or lifting axle in the filters.

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Information about Tipper trailers

The stock of BAS World is large. We can be straight about that. This also consists of a varied collection of tipper trailers. Including the largest brands of trailers such as Schmitz Cargobull, Kempf, STAS, Benalu and Carnehl. The tipper trailers for sale here have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a reliable purchase on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our tipper trailers? Then continue reading below.

Tipper trailer for Sale

Popular tipper trailers that you will find here, among others, are of the following brands:


What is a tipper semi-trailer?

A tipper semi-trailer is a type of semi-trailer with which the rear of the semi-trailer is tilted to unload the load. The body is tilted by means of a hydraulic system, which is supported by the PTO of the tractor unit. A tipper trailer is mainly used during construction work to transport bulk goods such as soil, sand, asphalt, and rubble.

Various tipper trailers

There are tippers that can tip in more directions than just the back. A two-way tipper has two tipping points, and a three-way tipper logically has three tipping points. This makes it easier to unload the contents in all areas. In addition to the tipping method, tippers are designed for special activities. Grain tippers, for example, are tippers with a large volume. Grain is relatively light, which means that the trailer can be larger and therefore able to transport more content. A grain hatch then ensures that you can control the unloading. Compared to a grain tipper, a sand tipper is smaller. Sand is relatively heavy, so the trailer must be as light as possible.

Options for a tipper trailer

The body of a tipper is always made of steel (for heavy materials) or aluminium (for light materials). There are still several options that you should consider before purchasing a tipper trailer. An electronic tarpaulin, also known as an electronic cover, ensures that your load is closed off. You can operate it with a remote control. Locking your load is mandatory with a fully loaded trailer. A well-known example of this is a Cramaro tarpaulin. Thermo insulation ensures that the contents remain warm. This can be very useful when you need to transport and unload asphalt.

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