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New and used Box Semi Trailer for sale

The stock on basworld.com consists of a varied range of new and used box semi-trailers. Every box trailer for sale here has been thoroughly inspected in advance by our experts, so you are assured of a reliable purchase. A box semi-trailer is one of the most common trailers you see driving on the road. This is because box trailers can be used in many different ways. The biggest advantage of a box trailer is that the insulated goods are better protected against severe weather conditions. Here you will find box trailers of well-known brands such as: Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, Kögel and Pacton. You can select important options such as a steering or lifting axle in the filters.

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Information about Semi Box trailers

The stock of BAS World is large. We can be clear about that. This also consists of a varied collection of box trailers. Including the largest brands of trailers such as Schmitz Cargobull, Krone and Kögel. The box trailers for sale here have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a reliable purchase on basworld.com. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about our box trailers? Then read on below.

Box trailer for Sale

Popular box trailers that you will find here, among others, are of the following brands:


What is a box semi-trailer?

A box trailer is intended for transporting dry cargo. The advantage of a box trailer is that insulated goods are less exposed to outside weather conditions. The disadvantage is that loading and unloading is only possible from the rear. There are many transport options with a box trailer. You can read about these options below.

Boxed trailers with tailgate

Box trailers are often used for transporting and distributing insulated goods. With tail lifts you can easily load and unload this cargo. There are two different tail lifts. A cantilever tail lift is a tail lift that rests against the rear of the trailer. A tuck-away tail lift is slid under the trailer. The advantage of a tuck-away tail lift is that it is easier to connect at loading and unloading stations, also known as docks.

Options for a box semi-trailer

A box trailer can be used for multiple purposes. Here are a few examples: with a confection trailer you can easily tie clothes and clothing racks into the trailer. By means of a roller bed system you can easily slide pallets into the trailer and therefore load more easily. Finally, your trailer can have a double loading floor, also known as doppelstock. As a result, no space is lost, and you can take as much material as possible with you.

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