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New and used Semi trailers for sale

Are you looking for new or used semi-trailers? You can find it at basworld.com. We have a very varied collection for sale from popular brands such as; Schmitz Cargobull, Kögel, Krone, Nooteboom, STAS, Pacton, Kraker and many more. In addition to brands, you can also search by type of trailer. These are, for example, curtain side trailers, tipper trailers, refrigerated trailers, container chassis trailers, low loaders, and many others. In short, at BAS World you have more than enough choice. Select your preferences in the filters and find the semi-trailer that suits you.

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Information about Semi trailers

The stock of BAS World trailers is huge. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each trailer before it is for sale on basworld.com. The HD photos and HD videos give you an honest picture of the condition of the vehicle. Would you like to know all the ins and outs about the different trailers for your tractor unit or truck? Then continue reading below.

Semi-trailer / Trailer brands

At basworld.com we sell the world's most popular trailer brands. These include:


Semi Trailers

A semi-trailer is also called a trailer, tractor trailer, truck trailer or truck semi-trailer. A semi-trailer is used to transport different types of goods. Semi-trailers are very useful for transporting large quantities over long distances. A tractor unit can be coupled to any trailer by connecting the kingpin of the trailer to the fifth wheel of a tractor unit. Finally, the length of a truck trailer or tractor trailer may not exceed 16.5m. Read more about the specifications and different types of trailers below.

Semi trailers for sale

Truck axle load and GVW

The number of axles and the weight that each axle is legally allowed to carry plus the weight of the trailer, determine the total load of what the trailer is allowed to weigh in kilograms. This is called the GVW, also known as Gross Vehicle Weight. If a trailer has three axles of 8,000 kg and the trailer itself weighs 20,000 kg, then the GVW of the trailer (8,000 kg + 8,000 kg + 8,000 kg + 20,000 kg) is therefore 44,000 kg. The total weight minus the weight of the trailer is the load capacity in kilograms that you are allowed to place on a trailer. Trailers are often made as light as possible so that they can carry heavier or multiple materials.

Legislation and axle brands

The permitted GVW is often different from the technical GVW. This is because trailers with heavy materials cause the road surface to wear out faster. For this reason, a legal maximum axle load has been set for trucks and trailers. The standard axle load is 8,000 kg. Yet there are exceptions. Special types of axles on a trailer may be loaded more heavily because they can distribute the weight better. These are, for example, steered and hydraulically sprung axles. Popular semi-trailer axle brands are from SAF, BPW, VALX and Mercedes.

Lift axle and steering axle

With the lifting axle of a trailer, an axle can simply be lifted upwards. If you drive a trailer with many axles but with little weight on it, you can lift an axle. You then drive on fewer tyres, but these do not wear out as a result, there are no brakes, and you use less fuel. A steering axle makes it easier to manoeuvre because all wheels can turn. This is possible with a steel, air, or hydraulic suspension. Trailers with this function are often small and are also referred to as city trailers. This is because these trailers are easier to drive in cities than large trailers.

Disk brake and Drum brake

There are two different types of brakes for a trailer. This is the 'disk' brake, also called sliding brake, and the 'drum' brake. A drum brake is often used for construction work or with tipper trailers. This is because the brake is sealed and therefore no dirt and sand can get in-between. These brakes are often easier to maintain and cheaper. With a disk brake, the brake is open, but it cools the brake faster. This means that you can brake longer and more powerfully. These brakes tend to last longer.

Semi-trailer for sale

You will find many different types of trailers in BAS World's stock. Each semi-trailer has its own specifications and is suitable for specific applications. Below you can read more about the most popular trailers and what they can be used for. This makes it easier for you to choose a semi-trailer.

Curtain side trailer

A curtainsider semi-trailer is very useful for transporting goods. You can open the canvas completely, making it easier to load and unload the trailer than with a closed trailer. An important option is, for example, a sliding roof, also known as Edscha. This also allows you to load and unload from above. Another option is a lifting roof, also known as Hubdach. This lifts the roof slightly, making loading and unloading goods with a forklift a lot easier.

Tipper trailer

A tipper trailer makes loading and unloading goods such as sand and rocks a lot easier. This trailer consists of an aluminium or steel body with a hydraulic cylinder that can easily tip the body. The hydraulic cylinder is almost always driven by the PTO of a tractor unit. Almost everywhere in the world is it mandatory to cover tippers with loose goods with a tarpaulin. With an electronic cover this can be done automatically, and you can control it with a remote control.

Refrigerated trailer

A refrigerated trailer, also known as a cooler or cooling trailer, is used to transport refrigerated goods such as flowers and meat products. These semi-trailers can be brought to a temperature between -20 and +20 degrees, depending on the cooling engine. Thermoking and Carrier are the most common cooling engines on a trailer. Sometimes a cooler consists of two different zones and therefore two different temperatures, this is also called multi-temp.

Low loader

Low loaders are used to move heavy and high materials such as excavators, cranes, and bulldozers. The bed of a low-loader is very low, making it possible to load as high as possible. With certain options such as pendle axles you can load up to 12 tons per axle. This is slightly different with a semi low-loader. The bed of a semi low-loader is higher and completely flat. Here too you have important options such as steered axles.

Container trailer

The length of container chassis trailers is expressed in feet. (Sea) containers are also measured this way. A 40ft container that has to be placed on a trailer must therefore also have a length of 40ft. For example, with an extendable chassis it is possible to place two 20ft containers on a 40ft container trailer. All container chassis trailers have twist locks, which secure the containers to the trailers.

Walking Floor

A walking-floor trailer can easily slide a load in and out in three steps. A hydraulic system that can often go both ways. You control this with a remote control and then it is fully automatic. This is mainly done with loose goods such as sand but can now also be done with pallets. Important brands specialized in moving floors include Knapen, Kraker, STAS and Legras.

Box trailer

A box semi-trailer is the most standard trailer you can choose. It is resistant to all weather conditions, keeping insulated goods dry. They are often semi-trailers with a standard ride height. Exceptions aside, these have more capacity. These trailers are then called mega trailers. In any case, there is no shortage of options. Several options for your box semi-trailers are, for example, tail lifts, roller bed systems or double loading floors.

Flatbed trailer

An flatbed semi-trailer, also known as a open semi-trailer, is a standard semi-trailer without a roof or curtainsider. These trailers often also have standard axles of 8 tons per axle. 10 ton or 12 ton per axle is possible, it then technically becomes a flat low-loader. Important options for a flatbed trailer are, for example, hard wooden floors or aluminium side boards to close off the load.

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