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New and used Opel Vans for Sale

Logistics, transport or distribution? No matter what field you operate in, Opel commercial vehicles can handle it. Opel vans are very efficient thanks to fuel-efficient engines. This allows you to transport your goods and/or people from A to B easily and efficiently. At basworld.com you can choose from a huge range of new and used Opel vans for sale. In our stock, you will find the most popular van models of Opel. Think, for example, of the Vivaro and Movano.. Both vans are available with different engines and options like a double cabin and colours. As a result, the commercial vehicles can be used for a wide range of purposes. Already know what you want? Use the filters on this page and find the vehicle that suits you.
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Information about Opel Vans

BAS World's stock consists of a large quantity of Opel vans. Including the biggest brands of commercial vehicles and vans that are out there. Our experts inspect each commercial vehicle from top to bottom. When approved, we will offer them for sale on basworld.com. Want to know all ins and outs about Opel vans? Please continue reading below.

Different Opel commercial vehicles

Plenty of choice. At basworld.com, you will find a varied selection of Opel commercial vehicles. With many different models, there are always vans in stock that suit your company's operations. Opel vans are usually directly available from stock, enquire about the options. The most common superstructures are:

Opel Vans

An Opel van is mainly front-wheel-drive, which is of interest for the driver. This is because front-wheel drive is safer and requires less from the driver. These commercial vehicles also have a relatively lower weight, which automatically increases the vehicle's legal payload.

Opel Vans

Opel models

Opel makes its commercial vehicles as suitable as possible for drivers so that they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Read more about the different Opel models in our stock below.

Opel Movano

With the Opel Movano, the application possibilities are almost endless. Besides a delivery van, the Movano also comes as a chassis cab. This makes it possible to fit different bodies behind it. The Opel Movano has an attractive purchase price and is always front-wheel driven.

Opel Vivaro

Thanks to different applications, the Opel Vivaro can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, the Opel Vivaro can be made with a refrigerated engine on top. Which makes this commercial vehicle available for transporting refrigerated products. The Opel Vivaro is mostly used by the self-employed.

Opel Combo

The Opel Combo is the smallest version of all Opel vans. It is mainly used as a service car and for transporting small packages in cities. This small van looks sporty and has a relatively attractive purchase price.

New or second hand Opel Vans

We do not differentiate between new or used vehicles. You can find both at basworld.com. ’We offer you a variety of used Opel vans as well as brand new ones.

Used Opel vans

Do you want to find a new vehicle and you are looking for used Opel vans? You’ve come to the right place. Each vehicle that we offer for sale is thoroughly inspected by our experts. You’ll find all vehicle specifications on basworld.com, as well as HD photos and videos. Still want to see the vehicle with your own eyes? Make an appointment and come to Veghel, The Netherlands. If the vehicle is located in our BAS World Store, you are welcome to come and see.

New Opel vans

Our stock also includes new Opel vans. For many people, these vans are interesting because of the attractive purchase price. In addition, the weight is low which increases the loading capacity. Use the filters on this page to find new Opel commercial vehicles.

Sell your Opel Vans

Sell your Opel Van from your own location, from the BAS World Store or sell it directly to BAS World.