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New and used Farm equipment for Sale

Are you looking for new or used agricultural machinery and farm equipment? At BAS World, you will find an extensive collection. Here you will find agricultural implements and farming machines such as tractors, field sprayers, harvesters, balers, and more. In addition to the various types of farm equipment, we also have the biggest brands of agricultural machinery in our inventory, such as John Deere, New Holland, Fendt, Case, Deutz-Fahr, Grimme, Claas, Massey, and many more. All farm equipment and farm machinery are thoroughly inspected before being offered for sale on basworld.com. Contact our experts for more information.
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The stock of farm equipment, farm machinery, and other agricultural machines at BAS World is extensive. The HD photos and HD videos provide you with an honest view of the condition of the machine, ensuring a reliable purchase. If you want to know all the ins and outs of different types of agricultural machines, continue reading below.

Farm/Agricultural brands

We can mention many brands of agricultural machines that you can buy at basworld.com. Of course, you will also find the world's most popular brands. Here are the brands:

Farm equipment for Sale

Farm equipment for Sale

Are you planning to buy used agricultural machines or equipment? Pay close attention to the working hours of the machine. The condition of most agricultural machines can be assessed by the number of hours worked. The number of hours an agricultural machine or implement can work depends on various factors such as the machine type, age, condition, and the operating conditions it has been subjected to. Some agricultural vehicles, such as forage harvesters, are measured not only in engine hours but also in cage hours. Cage hours refer to the number of operating hours of the forage harvester's chopping mechanism specifically.

CE Marking on Agricultural Machines

What is a CE marking? And why is a CE certificate important for agricultural machines? In Europe, it revolves around safety, health, and environmental protection for certain products/product groups, which also includes agricultural machinery and implements. The CE marking is issued by the manufacturer of an agricultural machine after it has been determined that the machine meets all European directives. The CE marking on machines serves as proof that the product can be legally traded on the European market. A non-CE marked agricultural machine is not allowed to be used in Europe. Additionally, in America/Canada, there is an EPA marking, which is designed to enforce environmental regulations in both countries. An agricultural machine with an EPA certificate complies with environmental standards.

Farm equipment & agricultural machinery

If you are looking for farm equipment or an agricultural machine, you have come to the right place. Within this category, you can find many new and used agricultural machinery. We have listed some of the most popular ones below. Click on the links for more information about a specific farming equipment.


Tractors are used for almost all farming projects. They are used, for example, for land preparation, sowing and harvesting crops, and transporting animal feed. In short, tractors are essential for the entire agricultural industry. That's why you can find many new and used tractors on basworld.com. They are from the world's most popular tractor brands such as John Deere, Fendt, New Holland, Claas, Case, and many more.


Sprayers are used to efficiently and evenly apply liquids to crops. In the agricultural industry, they are used to combat pests, diseases, and weeds. Agricultural Sprayers play a crucial role in protecting and promoting the health and yield of crops. Well-known brands you can find in our inventory include Agrifac, Amazone, Rau, and Hardi.

Forage Harvesters

Forage harvesters are used to shred and reduce crops such as corn, grass, and straw into smaller particles. These harvesters are also called field choppers. They are used not only for shredding but also for producing feed for livestock, such as cattle feed. The most famous forage harvester brands are Claas, Fendt, New Holland, and John Deere.

Potato Technology

Potato technology involves the mechanical harvesting of potatoes. The agricultural machines that do this are also called potato harvesters. These machines are specially designed to extract potato tubers from the ground and collect the potatoes. The well-known potato harvesters you can find here include Grimme, Ploeger, and De Wulff.

Manure Technology

Manure technology focuses on the efficient distribution of manure on agricultural land. This is mainly done with self-propelled manure spreaders, also known as manure spreaders. They are specially designed to apply manure efficiently and accurately, either by injecting it directly into the soil or by spreading it over the surface. The most popular brands of manure spreaders are Vredo, Joskin, and Vervaet.

Other Farm Equipment/Machines

Within this category, you will find many other important agricultural implements, such as harvesters, seeders, balers, feed mixers, mowers, and trailers. If you have any questions about a specific vehicle or if you want to sell your agricultural machines, please contact us.

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