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New and used Loader for Sale

Wheel loaders, also known as shovels, are among the most popular types of construction machines. There are many wheel loaders for sale on basworld.com. In our stock you will find world-famous shovel brands such as a Caterpillar shovel (906-994), Volvo shovel (L20-L350), Liebherr shovel (L526-586), Komatsu shovel (WA70-WA600). Their design makes them extremely suitable for transporting large quantities of bulk goods. A wheel loader can do this because it has a large bucket at the front. This can be replaced by other equipment by means of additional hydraulic functions.
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Wheel loaders are among the most popular types of construction machines. That is why BAS World also has these wheel loaders in stock. The wheel loaders, also known as shovels, that are for sale with us have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a fair price and reliable purchase. Buying a new or used shovel? And no idea what to look out for? Then read on below for more information.

Wheeled loaders

At BAS World you will find the world's most popular shovel brands. Here you will find both new wheel loaders and used/second-hand wheel loaders. Read here which brands they are:

Loader for sale

Wheel loader for sale

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient wheel loader for your construction or loading work? At BAS World you will find an extensive range of new and used shovels of different makes and models. But what is a wheel loader and what should you pay attention to when buying a wheel loader? We describe that below.

What is a wheel loader?

A wheel loader is a popular construction machine used to move large amounts of material. It has a front bucket that can be used to move and load soil, debris, rocks, and other materials. With these buckets, wheel loaders can load a large amount of soil in, for example, an articulated dumper or walking floor. With a rubble bucket, a wheel loader can be used to profile a rubble or sand track.

Controlling a wheel loader

The steering of a wheel loader can be done in different ways, depending on the make and model. First, a wheel loader can be controlled via a steering wheel. This can be done with a full steering wheel (full steering) or half steering wheel (CSS). In addition to steering a wheel loader with a steering wheel, this can also be done with a joystick (joystick steering). Finally, you can use CDC with various Volvo shovels. CDC stands for "Comfort Drive Control" and is a control system developed by Volvo. With this operating system you have both a steering wheel and a joystick.

Wheel loader buckets

Controlling a bucket on a wheel loader can be done in two different ways. Joystick steering uses a joystick to operate the bucket. Joystick steering gives the operator more control over the machine. Fingertip steering is a type of joystick steering that allows the operator to operate the machine with one hand. The control panel is designed in such a way that you can easily operate the loading platform with your fingertips. Finally, some wheel loaders are equipped with a weighing system that can measure the weight of the material being loaded. This allows you to work more accurately.

High Lift / High Tip Bucket

With a 'high lift loader' it is possible to lift and move heavy loads at height. These wheel loaders have a longer arm and hydraulic cylinders that lift the bucket. With a high tip bucket, it is also possible to lift heavy loads at a height. However, these loading platforms are also ideal for loading loose material in, for example, other vehicles and machines, such as a walking floor trailer or articulated dumper.

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