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New and used Articulated dump truck for Sale

Within the dumper category, there are various construction machines on the market. One of them is an articulated dumper. These machines are also called ADT or articulated dump truck. This construction machine has a large cargo box at the rear that can transport large amounts of soil or stones. Articulated dumpers have an articulation point in the centre of the machine that allows the machine and the bucket to rotate independently of each other. This makes them a lot more manoeuvrable than other dumpers. In our stock you will find articulated dumpers from, among others, Caterpillar articulated dumper (725-745) and Volvo articulated dumper (A25-A40).
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To transport large amounts of soil or stones over a long distance, you can use an articulated dumper. BAS World has plenty of these types of dumpers in stock. The articulated dumpers or articulated dump trucks for sale with us have been thoroughly inspected in advance. This way you are assured of a fair price and reliable purchase. Buying an articulated dumper? And no idea what to look out for? Then read on below for more information.

Articulated dump trucks

At BAS World you will find the world's most popular brands of articulated dumpers. Here you will find both new dumpers and used/second-hand dumpers. Read here which brands they are:

Articulated dump truck for sale

Articulated dumper for sale

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient articulated dumper for your construction or transport work? At BAS World you will find an extensive range of articulated dumpers of different makes and models. But what is an articulated dumper and what should you pay attention to when buying an articulated dumper? We describe that below.

What is an articulated dumper?

An articulated dumper is a machine used to transport and unload heavy loads. An articulated dumper is also called an articulated dump truck (ADT). These dump trucks are mainly used to operate on rough and uneven terrain. An articulated dumper is much more manoeuvrable compared to other dumpers. This is because these dumpers have an articulated steering. The cab and cargo box then move separately from each other.

Equipment for an articulated dumper

An articulated dumper can be equipped with various options that make your work a lot easier. For example, it is possible to heat the loading platform of an articulated dumper. This comes in handy if you are working in cold weather conditions. The body is then heated in a special way by the exhaust gases of the dump truck. In addition, some articulated dumpers are equipped with a tailgate at the back, which keeps the contents better in place. Finally, it is possible to enlarge the box for more load capacity. This option is also known as bucket extension articulated dumper.

Even more dumpers at BAS World

In addition to articulated dumpers, BAS World's stock is filled with even more types of dumpers. For large amounts of rubble in, for example, mining, a rigid dumper is a better choice. These large, robust rigid dumpers must always travel on level surfaces. This often occurs in grooves. Finally, you can also find strong dump trucks in our stock that can handle a payload of up to 50t. These are heavy trucks but also belong to the construction machinery category.

Sell articulated dump truck (ADT)

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