Safe Deal

Trusted delivery, guaranteed payment

Having faith in receiving your payment as a seller and a guaranteed delivery as a buyer forms the basis of a successful trade. While other platforms can’t always assure both, our platform offers you Safe Deal: a guarantee for a trusted delivery and guaranteed payment.

How does Safe Deal work?

8 easy steps:

  1. When you’ve found your next vehicle, you click on the Buy with Safe Deal button.

  2. You’ll choose whether you want us to take care of the transportation or want to arrange it yourself

  3. You’ll have the option to order additional documents when required

  4. You’ll transfer the down payment by using your preferred payment method. This down payment will be transferred to an escrow account. Your payment will be kept in this account until the point of the final delivery.

  5. The vehicle will be prepared for delivery.

  6. Before the moment of delivery, you’ll transfer the rest payment. This will be kept safe on the same escrow account.

  7. The vehicle will be transported to the agreed point of delivery. The documents, if you ordered them, will be delivered via postal service.

  8. Only when you've received the documents and the vehicle in the same condition as advertised, the Safe Deal will be closed and the full payment will be transferred to the seller.

That's it.

BAS World Safe Deal

for you
as a buyer

Benefits for you as a buyer

We guarantee you a trusted and worldwide delivery.
We’ll keep your payment safe and secure. We only release it to the seller once the vehicle is delivered at the agreed point of delivery.
You can transfer the payment with the use of your preferred payment method.

for you
as a seller

Benefits for you as a seller

We guarantee that you’ll receive your payment within 48 hours after delivery.
Using Safe Deal gives buyers more trust in buying a vehicle online, which expands your potential market and makes it possible to sell your vehicle to end-customers worldwide. This can not only speed up your sales process but could also lead to a higher profit.
No more lose strings. You’re always up-to-date about the status of your sales using your Safe Deal dashboard.

Any questions left on Safe Deal?

Check our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.